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The Good Squish Baby Wilder in Green with Green.

The Baby Wilder is the younger sibling of the Wilder, but despite its size it has serious volume because of its four layers of fabric.

It measures 14cm x 14cm and has four whole layers that can be separated to create some serious volume, or it can be squashed (or squished!!) down for less volume as desired.

- 100% Cotton Seersucker
- 1000% Squish
- Handmade in England

Also available in black with pink trim.

If washing is needed, please hand wash in lukewarm water. After washing you will need to iron flat again and then puff out the layers to ensure extra volume.

Every Squish is handmade and hand-dyed in the bath (if it needs dye), so please note there may be some occasional imperfections and slight differences in size.