Sweet Dreams Amethyst Sleep Spray 100ml

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Sweet dreams, my darling. Drift off to a deep restorative sleep and spiritually recharge. Spritz Llio’s Sweet Dreams blend of soothing lavender true, geranium, deep vetiver and rosewood onto your pillow. Lavender True is a natural sleep aid that soothes the soul, helping you to relax and unwind. Contains lavender, a natural sleep aid, to promote a healthy sleep cycle and sleep hygiene as the user gets into a sleep routine by spritzing the pillow ahead of sleep. Helps users relax thereby helping with anxiety.

Feel a shift of energy to peace and serenity. Calm anxiety and overthinking. Our Sweet Dreams Sleep Spray is charged with amethyst crystals, so you wake up blissfully. Switch off to deep sleep and re-charge; a good night’s sleep is essential for your best self. Natural sleep aid to help sleep deprivation, promotes a good sleep cycle and sleep hygiene as the user gets in a routine of spritzing on the pillow to signal sleep time to the user. Helps when you can’t go to sleep, want to relax and reduces anxiety.

Sweet dreams, my love...

Sweet dreams blend:
Lavender – an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and sedative, to increase relaxation and calm
Rosewood – Aphrodisiac, and very soothing to the mind. Balances the emotions.
Geranium – with an aroma that smells like roses, geranium can reduce stress and has a sedative effect.
Vetiver – a deep oil to ground you and find your magic centre

The packaging is all hand-made in Wales/England, the beautiful ribbon created by talented fashion illustrator Poppy Waddilove.