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Named after the Italian form of Ortygia, a small island paradise off the coast of Syracuse, Sicily, Ortigia’s collection of fragrances, soaps and skin products encapsulate this enchanting place and its rich history, dating back to the ancient Greeks, with each product meticulously crafted using the finest natural ingredients, locally sourced from the lush landscapes of Sicily. The scents of each Ortigia perfume evoke the beauty, passion and authenticity of this captivating island, with its fortified facades and surrounding nature.

Ethical & Sustainable Fragrances and Skin Care

Packaging for Ortigia is designed by Sue Townsend, drawing from Sicilian imagery and the rich artistic history of the island, whilst the luxurious collection of products, including fragrances, hand soaps and creams, are produced by small family companies.

Ortigia is a company committed to modern ethics and integrity. The bases of all products are completely natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, such as olive oil and vegetable glycerin. In addition to a commitment to be kind to the environment, Ortigia Sicilia products are also cruelty-free, never tested on animals.

By choosing only natural ingredients, Ortigia ensures that all products, including soaps and creams are free of synthetic preservatives, known as parabens, making them safer for skin, but also better for the environment.

When selecting fragrances and skin care products, embrace natural. Browse the Ortigia collection and experience the mesmerising scents of Sicily.