BORED T-Shirt | Black


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Bored of feeling sick and tired?  Bored of the draining world we live in?  Bored of not being open and honest about how you feel, and what you’re struggling with?  This T-shirt is for you.  Let your clothes speak for you, and let emotional honesty set you free.

Tummy Ache's classic-fit t-shirt is their take on the ‘baby tee'; with a relaxed yet sexy fit making it super comfy.  Featuring a ribbed neckline and short sleeves that sit mid-way down the upper arm, the seams have a slight curve to subtly highlight your waist.  The overall length sits on the hip bone, giving the option to show off your Tummy Ache.

Tummy Ache t-shirts value comfort, sustainability, and expressing your emotions, and are designed to look good, feel good, and do good for the world.

This T-shirt is made from 100% Organic cotton and embroidered with recycled thread.

All Tummy Ache garments are made in England using sustainable materials.